Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pull-Ups and Potty Training – do the Potty Dance!

untitled I am just in the middle of training my daughter on how to use the potty.  She is starting to figure it out, but it still takes time.  I will be very glad when this is all over, as this is my last child to train!  No more diapers!  What parent does not want that? 

Well Pull-Ups have found a way to help you and your child with this “process”.  Sometimes it seems it will never end.  But it does eventually.  Pull-Ups have found a way to make it fun for you and your kid.  You can do the “Potty Dance”. 

There are some celebrities who have decided to do this with their children, Jessica Holmes and Traci Melchor from eTalk who enjoy doing the potty dance.  You can watch them here: 

Jessica Holmes doing the dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNIwIt197SQ as well as this new link to Traci Melchor from eTalk doing the Potty Dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHpFU0nJPpU  These are great videos to watch!

Some moms like to give incentives such as stickers or candies when their children go to the potty.  I have also found that for boys if you add a few cheerios to the toilet you can get them to "aim at the cheerios” and it helps to learn.  It will come eventually when they are ready.  Keep saying “I know you can do it” and “Good Job”  when they go and keep positive!!  Good luck in your training efforts!  It will come!

We also had the opportunity to have a Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Dance Party courtesy of Mom Central and Huggies!  We  had a bunch of kids over and celebrated dancing the “potty dance” with a CD and dance mat.  The kids had a great time dancing, and it was fun to watch them!!  They wanted to keep dancing and listen to the CD over and over.  They also got to bring home their own DVD about potty training, which is great!  Then we also had juice and some treats.  They loved the decorations!  I was going to post pictures of the party, but unfortunately we had technical issues and were not able to.  But it was a great time and we thank Mom Central and Huggies for allowing us to be a part of it! 

*** This blog campaign was possible thanks to Mom Central and Huggies Pull-Ups!  I received a gift card as a courtesy of doing the party.**

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