Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Giving back to a child

I think it is great to win contests, save money, and pass on all your knowledge to someone else who needs it.  Pay it forward is a great way to spend your life.  It is great to receive, but it is also rewarding to give.  And who needs it better than a child from a third world country who is poor and doesn’t have the everyday comforts that we have like Timmy’s coffee, Starbucks, etc… 

Really to give someone a better life, $35.00 a month is not bad at all.  It is very reasonable.  If you were ever in a situation where you needed help, you would be grateful to receive it.  So I think it is great to help those who need it whether it just be a small gift or something much better.  Remember one day you might need the same help especially with the economy the way it is. 

I have been giving for about a year to a child in Kenya from Compassion and hopefully one day she will have a good enough life that she will be able to give back too!  But I’m sure she will pay it forward too!

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