Monday, March 2, 2009

Here is one of my all time favorite websites: A few years ago I was searching for a way to find coupons and freebies, and I ended up at this website. I started entering contests, and started winning a few, and then I got hooked. I ended up winning three trips in two years and a bunch of other little contests. I call it my free addiction with benefits. It is a great way to spend your free time and how to get the "high" of gambling, but it does not cost you a cent.

Lots of days you open up your mailbox (and look forward to getting your mail everyday) and there is a nice surprise, whether it be free shampoo samples, razors, etc...

Now I have told all my friends and family about the website and they have started becoming addicted like me. We have never saved so much before with coupons (especially when you have a family to raise it helps TREMENDOUSLY when you can save all this money per month and per year. I have given away and also used myself free formula for babies and have so much positive feedback to give from all I have learnt over the years.

Anyways, my goal is to try to get everyone else to save as much as we can and hopefully get a bunch of freebies and win BIG!! Good luck to all of you, and hopefully I will help you out as well.

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